Mikael Erlandsson – creative singer in Last Autumn´s Dream

The singer Mikael Erlandsson belongs to the creative crowd. Besides his solo career and his lead vocal position in the band Secret Service since 2006, he’s also the singer in the band Last Autumn’s Dream (L.A.D.). Besides from him the band consists of the bass player Nalle Påhlsson, the drummer Jamie “Jompa” Borger and the keyboardist Ulf […]

The Gloria Story – saves your next party

At the end of November The Gloria Story released their third album;”Greetings From Electric Wasteland” and in December they hit the road and left for their Europe tour along with The Quireboys. Both album and tour have had great reviews. Svip.se had the opportunity for a phoner with the lead singer Filip Rapp from the tour bus […]

With country music in the blood – Mimi Werner

Mimi Werner is the bird from Borås (Sweden) with music in her genes. With a recording contract and the recently released single “Forever Again”, she steps out into the spotlight. But who is she? Svip.se did some investigation and asked her a few questions… I went to a music school in Lund, Lund’s Dance and […]

A chip implant – would you be interested? Part 4

The future is here. Now you are able to make payments with your chip implant. At least if you were a part of the group participating at the Digitas Lbis event December 2nd. At the event you could get a chip implanted in your hand, a chip that will work as a payment method. As we […]

Anders Alexander’s’ Slangbella charge for success

Slangbella is a solo project signed Anders Alexander – with a background as a song writer and drummer of the well qualified, world touring band Alice in Videoland. Anders has also made a few interventions during some gigs with Melody Club or been a “temp drummer” as he says himself. Med Slangbellas’ two critically acclaimed […]

A chip implant – would you be interested? Part 3.

Jowan Österlund has worked with piercing through out his working career. But the electric integration in to the body, he kind of slipped into just three years ago. He says he has always been super fascinated by these things ever since he watched the movie Johnny Mnemonic. There’s a lot of fuzz around the new […]