With country music in the blood – Mimi Werner


Mimi Werner is the bird from Borås (Sweden) with music in her genes.
With a recording contract and the recently released single “Forever Again”, she steps out into the spotlight. But who is she? Svip.se did some investigation and asked her a few questions…

How did you begin your musical career?

I went to a music school in Lund, Lund’s Dance and Musical high school. I was accepted during their first year up and running.

Have there been many musicals for you then?

I did a few during my years at the school, but after I graduated I felt, as I’ve always done, that it was music that I wanted to do. I do like musicals but I prefer the split between singing and dancing. It’s music that I am focusing on, putting the music in the first room together with being able to write my own music basically…

And you have been able to write your own songs over the years?

Yes, there’s been a few. After I moved back home from living in Lund when I was about nineteen, I have written quite a lot on my own.

Your uncle is married to the Swedish country singer Jill Johnsson. Has this affected you musically?

Yes, naturally I have been inspired by Jill. She’s an amazing artist! Who doesn’t like Jill? I have seen her since I was a child and know that is it possible to work with music on a very high level, and that’s been a great inspiration to me.

Photo: Nicklas Göhle

Do you remember the first album you bought?

That’s a good question. I remember having plenty of Jill’s albums as a child, so it was probably something of her’s.

So it isn’t strange that you are walking in her footsteps with country music?

The country music doesn’t just come from Jill, my father has always written songs, and it’s in our family. Both my parents are musicians; my father is a song writer and a producer. He’s always written a lot of country music lyrics. So it feels quite natural to me to continue within that genre and have a go at it.

You competed in Svensktoppen nästa (a musical request programme and a nationwide talent hunt), was that with a country sound as well?

I competed twice. The first year it was with a Swedish pop song that I hade written myself and the second year with an English song with country music lyrics. One year I made it to the final and the second year I was out quite early. It was fun though to try and see what’s working for me and to try out different genres, but I have come to the conclusion that it is country pop I want to do.

How did it feel to be signed? It’s not the easiest thing today?

No, it is difficult. It is what all artists work towards, to get a signed contract. But to actually find someone who truly believe in you… There are many good artists so the competition is tough. When I got this recording and song writing contract with BMG I felt that it was THE deal for me and the trip we made to Nashville was amazing, spot on! That’s when we recorded the single that was released at the end of November. The EP is also recorded there.

BMG is not a small company either…

No, you might as well splash out immediately. Ha ha. They are amazing and have a lot of routine, the best you can get. I am so thankful for this.

You had great company in the studio as well?

Yes, the musicians were no rookies. The guys who recorded the single with me were a few of Dolly Parton’s musicians and I think that the pianist used to be the bandmaster for Faith Hill. So no rookies there at all, they all had a very nice musical history behind them. It really showed, they were fantastic.

Do you get nervous by playing with professionals or do you feel calm?

I didn’t know how big these guys were until I checked them up afterwards. They were really nice and thanked me for the possibility to being a part of my recordings. I got quite chocked when I found out who they were. But it is amazing to have them on my first single, it’s like a dream.

Will the EP be released physically or just digital?

Both. Perhaps not to the same extension as if it was released a few years back.

You are going to compete in the Swedish Eurovision in 2016?

Yes, that’s right and it’s going to be so much fun. It’s an amazing opportunity, which also might mean a push for my single. The song is written during the time I spent in Nashville. It feels very exciting to have been a part of the song writing.

That’s when the Suede’s will get to see who you are?

Exactly. It is a fantastic introduction when so many are watching and I can invite people to my little world.

Depending on how well you do in the Swedish Eurovision, any touring planned yet?

It will be a tour absolutely. The idea is to release the EP right after the Swedish Eurovision and then we’ll see how it goes with it and the song from the Swedish Eurovision. There will definitely be a summer tour, but where and when we’ll have to wait and see.

You have been the opening act for Erik Saade… You play a different kind of music…

Yes, there’s a huge difference. I was the opening act during the summer Thursdays in Borås. My songs don’t have a lot in common with his music, but I did my country style anyway, it was a cool combination. Many in the audience thought it was cool to see the contrasts between the different styles, they are miles apart but yet they converge. After all it is pop/country and not pure country.

If you hadn’t worked with music, what would you have done instead?

I don’t have a good answer to that question. Music has always been in the family and the fact that I have such a strong driving force myself. This is my calling, and I can’t think of doing something else.

Will there be a full length album in the future?

Yes, it will be. I hope to go to Nashville again and write new songs. The question is just when. It will probably be a lot to do after the Swedish Eurovision. But first promote my EP.

How many tracks will there be on the EP?

It will probably be five, of which the single “Forever again” that I just released is one of them together with the Eurovision song. So three additional.

Is your family a part of the song writing on those songs?

My father is a song writer, so he and Marcus Svedin who I am working with, has also been a part of the songs. They are recorded in Nashville so well known song writers from the US stand behind a few of the songs. It is extra exciting to be able to put Nashville in the mix of the songs.

What would you like to say to your future fans?

I would like to start by thanking for all the nice feedback I’ve had from my first single! So great that so many likes it. Then you must follow me during the Swedish Eurovision on February 6!  Lots of hugs and thank you so much for all the support! 
svip.se would like to thank Mimi for a lovely chat and we will be listening to the single while waiting for the Swedish Eurovision February 6th.