A chip implant – would you be interested? Part 4


The future is here. Now you are able to make payments with your chip implant. At least if you were a part of the group participating at the Digitas Lbis event December 2nd. At the event you could get a chip implanted in your hand, a chip that will work as a payment method. As we are interested in what one can use this chip for, we asked a few questions to Sandra Johansson who was a part of the event at Livsstils gallerian Vallgatan 12 in Gothenburg.

Which type of chip will you be using? Is it the same as the one from the Øredev Developer Conference with 888 bytes memory and with a size of a rice corn?

Yes it is.

Photo: Sandra Johansson / DigitasLBi

Have you been able to solve the ”problem” with only one type of information at the time on this chip?

Partly. Bio Pay is a project run by a few bio hackers, myself included. The app is capable of handling several different types of information simultaneously. Generally, the standard used in NFC provided telephones for example are limited and can only handle to write and read one type of information at the time. Bio Pay has reverse compatibleness so that the first post on the chip can be read by NFC provided telephones and keeps confidentiality data for example.

How do you make sure that the information on the chip isn’t copied, so one can refill money yourself?

You can refill money via your bitcoin wallet; in this case an account is needed with Blockchain. The chip itself is passive, i.e. it doesn’t send out signals, to read the data a reader must be very close to the skin where the chip is placed. Generally the data on your chip is totally unprotected. With the solution developed by Bio Pay the data on the chip is encrypted to protect from clone thieves and copying bandits, if there are any at the moment. One can consider other types of security solutions to prevent unauthorized from using your data, for example a pin cod, finger prints or similar.

Do you have your own payment solution?

Bio Pay has developed a payment solution together with Bitcoins. Currently it is not a service, only a proof of concept. For the Christmas party at DigitasLBi in Gothenburg December 2nd, we will offer the guests to be chipped and to be first to test a terminal prototype that Bio Pay developed.

How did the event go?

Our event was quite a success last Wednesday. 23 brave people went from Homo sapiens to Homo Connectus and were a part of a world’s first shopping experience with shopping and making payments with their new chip. 
Svip.se would like to thank Sandra Johansson for sharing information about what’s going on within the exciting world of chip implant and their future sector of application.