Magnum and Reds’ Cool (review)


With great joy and anticipation resorted to Örebro and Kulturhuset to see the giants Magnum live during their tight schedule in Sweden. In February they released their 19th studio album, Sacred Blood ”Divine” Lies and together with the support band Reds´Cool they filled the venue to its limit. had the opportunity to experience the sound check and was already there given a hint about what the evening would bring.

Just before the show we decided to see what the people in Örebro thought and what they expected, and at Café Deed we met Wictor Lindström 22 years old, who’s parents feed him with Magnum during his childhood years. Wictor took out his guitar and warmed us up by amongst other songs sang When Spirits Are Calling My Name (winner of the Swedish Eurovision in 2000)… As for the rest, the atmosphere inside the Kulturhuset was jovial and with a range of age groups as you would understand. Amongst the crowd we saw old local rockers such as Peter Rundström, from Motherload, the Örebro profile Mr. Dennis Karlsson and many more.


The Support band Reds’ Cool from Saint Petersburg

The guys in Reds’ Cool is on tour with Magnum but had already warmed up by playing in front of 16,000 spectators together with A-ha, yes you read correctly, the Norwegian guys with their one hit wonder Take on me… Reds´Cool doesn’t sound anything like their Norwegian colleagues! These guys deliver tuneful hard rock with influences from Whitesnake and early Rainbow. A fantastic show through and through with catchy material, played with joy and a strong will to please the audience. A longer interview with Reds’ Cool will be presented in short at


Headliner – Magnum

Precisely on time, Magnum entered the stage with their singer Mr. Bob Catley at the front. Magnum delivered a cavalcade of gruesomely good material both from the past and present and as a middle aged Magnum fan I can’t say anything else but super fantastic! It was a mighty feeling to stand in Örebro and listen to these humble and musical giants that in my opinion still holds the flag up high. Unfortunately I missed the conversation between Mr. Catley and the audience, but perhaps pressure of time played a part… And in spite of the fact that Magnum didn’t play my personal favourite Just like an arrow, they receive my full approval!

A big thank you to Nikija Event AB and a special thank you to the fantastic crew members of both bands!

A full interview with Mr. Bob Catley is available in English at