A new young Swedish Ingemar Bergman…


The son from the city of Karlskoga Mr. Marcus Carlsson is a Swedish film and theatre director. 30 years old, he has already won several awards within the world of film in Sweden, amongst others the Swedish National TV’s Kulturbaggen. 2008 he won the November festival with his short movie Arton, during the same year he made his debut during Gothenburg’s film festival with his novel film called Heja Degerfors. In 2013 he made his debut with a full production called Din barndom ska aldrig dö. Marcus also has directed a number of pieces within theatre and is now finishing his latest production, also a full production with the working title Kärlek och vilja. Marcus reveals that both the film and title may come to change during the course of work…
Marcus often uses his old home environment for his filming and says that he feels right at home and very comfortable in these beautiful environments, and so he’s here again. svip.se participated as an extra during one of the days that was filmed at the mess in Degerfors.

Please tell me about your new film…

Yes, it is actually two stories in one and the same film. One of the stories is called Kärlek (Love) and the other is called Vilja (Will) and is about two girls that live in the same flat but during different periods of time, so it is an insight of two people’s lives.

Tell me bout the process of when you are choosing actors?

Yes, there are a lot of them to choose between… I do take my time when I choose actors. Actually, it is the first thing I do, like almost before I even have a full story to tell. So the actors in this film, they were chosen a long, long time prior to the film, nearly a year before. It is an extremely rare thing to do! I am already doing it now for my next film, so I can sit and fantasise about them, so the actors plays an early part of my process…
I reuse a lot of the actors as well, such as Johanna Strömberg for example, who has the lead in the second part of this film. She’s been in four of my films. I like to reuse actors that I like working with and want to continue with. But in this last film I have used new abilities that I’ve never worked with before and that is exciting too, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, that’s how it is!
But it is not like people are throwing themselves over my films, not yet anyway. But there is an interest, yes.

When will we be able to see the completed film?

Well yes, it is probably sometime in August… It’s an incredible long process and we are currently cutting the film, I have done more shooting this time. It is a difficult film to have… yes; well it simply takes a lot of time to create this story. I come up with a lot of new ideas on site and when I do the entire manuscript is changing, it is almost like a mixture of a documentary and a motion picture. This is why there’s a lot of material and it takes longer to cut.

And where will we be able to watch the film?

Oh, when it’s finished? Yes, well we actually don’t know just yet but we will have the opening night at a large film festival. But it is not decided yet; we are currently discussing which one it will be. Naturally we are aiming towards national TV and off course it will be shown both in Karlskoga, Degerfors and Karlstad, it is a must!

How tuff is it to be a film maker in Sweden today?

Naturally there are many people fighting about the same funds, this is always the case within literature and music as well. Off course you will have a few no and there are a few yes, and it is the yes you hope for so one can go on and make your films. It is not “just” to make a film, it is one of the most expensive art forms there is. It’s not like painting and you’re alone with your art, it takes several people to make it happen. So it is tuff.

But you must some advantages, with the awards you have won?

Yes, it make thing easier off course, it really does (laughter). There were a lot more interest for this film, than if I haven’t won… there was a bigger chance of funds from The Swedish Film Institute, since they recognized me and knew that it was right, so yes I believe so. However, it doesn’t affect me personally; I always have low self-confidence in periods. Sometimes I feel strong and sometimes lesser.

Did you use any innovations regarding your way of working with this new film?

Yes I have. I have worked with a different photographer amongst other things. I also coshed to make the film in an old television format, 4:3 with black edges on the sides both on the TV screen and at the cinemas. It was a choice we made since we thought the faces came across better. I think it is a waste of space otherwise and you don’t really use it properly. Then I swap the main character in the middle of the film that is rather innovative… I think people will be both shocked and perhaps a bit pissed off about that… (laughter).

We are looking forward to see Marcus’ coming film and the excitement is unbearable before undersigned’s debut as an extra! Thank you Marcus for a lovely chat and all the best to you!!