Don Redmon – Walk in the footsteps (review)


As when you’re in the off license shop looking for a good wine for the evening, one can sometimes get into a label on the bottle. In a similar way my eyes get into the cover of Don’s CD.  A cover that speaks and goes from wistful to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when turned around.
Wine usually has features and shades of different flavours. It is very much in the same way with Don’s debut album, there are songs that shoot out a little more than others. A tune that I like is the lyrics of the title track, and the little bit more “honky-tonk” Hey now Jesse, together with the gospel reeky Brand new day and not to mention the duet Footprints on the moon with Annika Ljungberg.

As one usually strain away any possible crust, I would like to take the bonus track off, since I don’t think it belongs on an otherwise “well-flavoured” album.
In summary: a nice CD to enjoy in the company of good friends.