The Best Band In the World (Världens bästa band)


Foto: Anders Olofsson

Björn Wallgren is a bubbly 25-year old guy from Sala. The first time I saw him on stage was during a Christmas concert at the College of Rock in Örebro at the beginning of this century. Already back then one knew that this wasn’t the last time he was going to entertain. Björn is one of few that still write his songs in Swedish and at the same time bring a genuine message with his lyrics. With a voice that might not appeal to everybody, but with energy few can avoid!

Foto: Björn Wallgren

With his new band Världens Bästa Band, he took the stage at East West in Örebro and all critics are är united, this guy is bloody good! He has been compared to both Per Gessle (Roxette) and Hasse Carlsson from the Swedish band Noice, over the years I have learned not to categorise him and I am fully aware that he will continue to surprise. With the new constellation you can see and hear Björn’s maturation and musical development, a superb difference in such a short period of time. On this evening Björn took place next to the Swedish legend Anders F Rönnblom and they did the song “Det är inte snön som faller” together, and shared a nostalgic trip mixed with the future of Swedish music within this genre. If given the opportunity, I recommend you to go and see Björn Wallgren and Världens Bästa Band!