Saecred Spirit – a musical adventure


Anuviel is the singer who leads us into Saecred Spirits musical adventure and she is behind both music and lyrics.
She is presented as "Faster than any light or thought, Anuviel - is a messenger of hope and strength."

So you have music in your veins, a musical family?

Luckily I was born into a music loving family, my parents wanted to give us children the possibility to play by giving us access to instrument and music classes. My mother has been in a choir, my older sister played the piano and my younger brother is a singer/vocal educationist.

How would you describe yourself as an artist/person?

Anuviel is a persona from a parallel world. She has hidden her identity to be able to perform the tasks she’s taken on and to protect herself. Now is the time to tell everybody about all the adventures she’s been through as well as future ones.

How did you musical career start?

I started to band an organ when I was two years old, later my parents bought me a piano and I started to play the piano instead. I remember my mother lifting me up on to the stool so I could reach the keys and I was trying to play songs from the radio.
Prior to the Kommunala Musikskolan I learned notes and played classical music at Medborgarskolan. I had a fantastic piano teacher who gave me big golden stars when I had learned my homework. Music was a very large part of my life as a child.
I studied arts and music during Upper secondary school where I had the piano as my first instrument and bass as my second. I have always been singing and a lot in choirs, ever since I was a child and up to the end of my Upper secondary school. My solo singing ”career” started out during Upper secondary school when I had a role in a musical.

The press release contains a story, is your album a part of that story?

Yes, there will be a full album that I am writing the song for right now. The cover is already finished.
I will release at least one more single before it’s out.

Do you remember the first album you bought?

Might have been something by DIO or RUSH... I can’t quite remember.

What are your influences/role models?

I remember when I heard ”Stargazer” by Rainbow the first time as a child and I was totally fascinated by the voice which was the most magnificent I had every heard. So Ronnie James Dio is one of my idols. David Coverdale from Whitesnake is another. There are a few that I like but these guys have affected me the most.

Do you have a tour planned?

If there was an opportunity to do so I would, but there has to be a full album first together with a desire to see me live.

Do you have a fun/odd tour memory to share with us?

I have released one single, so I will have to get back to you on that after my album release and hopefully I will be able to go on the road. would like to thank Anuviel for soothing our curiosity and look forward to the coming album.