Rough Rockers, third time lucky…


Rough Rockers is within short releasing their third EP, and cooperated with the legendary singer Graham Bonnet on one of the songs. Naturally became curious about how and why they met and worked with him and who they are, and managed to get an interview with Peter Ljungberg in the band.

Foto: Anders E Skånberg

When going on to your Facebook site, I realize the band has a lot of members…

Yes, in a way that’s true. And there’s an explanation to that too. From the beginning the band started out as a song writing project more than a band, by myself and Magnus Hällström. So we have had a few different co operations during these years, guests who have come in and made up certain parts of the band, sometimes live at gigs and sometimes during recordings. They have come and gone, and that’s what you can see on Facebook.

What does the band look like today?

It is me (bass and vocal) and Magnus (guitar) who are the core, and then we have Dan Hultstrand (vocal) and Christer Nordlander (drums). So it is the four of us that make up the band now, it’s stabilised a little.

You have made three EP´s, isn’t it expensive to make instead of a full album?

We don’t do many of them . Then we have the studio time for free as Magnus has his own recording studio. So the making of music it self doesn’t cost us a thing, it’s only a cost for the actual press of the EP. But as it’s not been a huge sum, it has been possible to make CD records.

It did raise my eyebrow a little when I realized you have physical material when most only release digital these days.

Yes that’s how it is. But we have a bit of an old vein left in us, so we would also like to keep the physical material.

Foto: Anders E Skånberg

How did you get in touch with Graham Bonnet?

I’ve always been a fan of him and followed his career, so I contacted him and after we had talked about it he was open for this recording with us. I think it’s fantastic and he did it very well!

So it wasn’t more difficult than that.

No, it wasn’t actually. A little bit of contact searching and a dialog back and forwards.

Have you had more attention after the fact that you have Bonnet singing one of your songs?

Perhaps a little bit. We haven’t noticed it too much yet. I can’t say that it’s been a major break through for us but a few contacts yes, amongst others you...

You have a few gigs planned…

Yes we are doing two minor club gigs on December 11 and 12 in Stockholm, as an opening act. We don’t rehearse regularly and mostly go out and have fun.

You don’t have anything planned for 2016?

No concrete plans. We have said that we might not be making any more EP´s in this manner. We’ve made a trilogy and it might be enough. I am sure we will make something else up but we’re just not sure what yet.

Foto: Anders E Skånberg

A vinyl LP?

That would be fun, but we don’t really have an audience for that yet. We have a lot of songs nearly ready but time is also a limiting factor.

Did you grow up with the music genre that you are playing?

Yes that’s probably how it is, the songs we’ve made for these three EP’s are basically the songs I wrote. Magnus helped me to develop them and with the arrangement of them. And naturally, the songs I write characterize the music I grew up with and liked. Hard rock from the 70: s but also pop bands, singer/song writers. I have many different influences and I try to cook Rough Rockers to a blend of roch, hard rock and pop.

Foto: Anders E Skånberg

Do you remember the first album that you bought?

Absolutely. The first album I got my hands on was one with Tom Jones. An album called”Live in Las Vegas”. I was eight or nine years old and that’s when we had a stereo at home. I was fascinated by his voice and he was playing in front of a brass band. Lots of horn. I had some kind of kick from it to start with. Later at the beginning of the 70: s I was interested in sing/song writers, acoustical artists such as Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash and that type of music. And later I thought that glam rock was exciting. So after that it became more rock and pop. Then I got into band such as Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy and Rainbow. Bonnet made an album with Rainbow and after that I’ve been following his career in different bands. So I am deeply rooted in the 70: s and 80:s. Whatever came after that, I didn’t get in to too much.

Do you have a bass player as a role model?

Yes but I don’t play like any of them. Foremost it’s a guy called Geddy Lee from the band Rush. He’s incredible technical. He plays a vivid bass, not so much pumping basic notes but plays the bass with the emphasis on playing.

Any other role models?

As a song writer I feel Elvis Costello is very good. Then another one like Phil Lynnot from Thin Lizzy was a very good songwriter. Then bands who are making similar songs to what I try to do such as The Darkness and Sweet. I believe I have strong influences from these types of bands.

As a last question, what would you like to say to your fans?

Feel free to listen to our music and if you like it, buy the album. would like to thank Peter Ljungberg for the interview and wish the band all the best with their future career.