Metalomania releases new single ”Confession”


We’re sitting down with Göran Edman and Mathias Hellberg, two of the members of the Swedish hard rock band Metalomania. Within the next few days their second single ”Confession” will be available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.
The band’s singer Göran Edman previously fronted for amongst others; Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Madison and Talisman don’t need any further presentation.

Göran, please tell us about your new single ”Confession” what’s it about?

The struggle between flesh and spirit, I think. The ongoing struggle in my life anyway, between the person I’d like to be and the person I am, together with the constant guilt, but maybe it’s just me that’s super sensitive. A lot of people let these things slide with a laughter or a smile. I am quite judgemental when it comes to my own person, the song is about the idiotic things you do in the heat of the moment and when you pull the break and start thinking –What the hell did I just do? Then there’s also a certain amount of belief, somewhere I am a believer, even if I can’t label what it is I believe in, I’m not a part of a cult or anything (laughter).

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How did the song come about?

To me it’s about recording a melody, where I use nonsense words that sounds like English but it’s really no language at all and I get a phrasing and a headline, usually it just comes to me, I don’t think about it, I’ll improvise. I see where it goes and sometimes I will try other ways and I don’t really know where the song is going, I just follow the feeling. The making of the song Confession was really a coincidence, sometimes you have to work to get it right. After I have found a way and shape, that’s when the lyrics come. The lyrics is inferior, the phrasings are more important than a clean line of lyrics or it to be lovely and poetic, or even have a meaning at all (laugher), I feel that the most important is that the words should feel right and have the right rhythm.

Which instrument do you use when writing a song?

My head, my throat and my ears. I can’t play any instruments, I’ve never learned how to. I think I was too lazy to learn, I got a guitar for Christmas once but it turned into mush (laughter), maybe I didn’t get what I wanted from it…

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This is your second single and every one is waiting with excitement for your full album, when can we expect it to be released?

Göran and I talked about it and since we’re still working on material for the album, we’re aiming for the first half of 2019, says Mathias.

We are happy with these answers for now and would like to thank Göran Edman and Mathias Hellberg for your time and congratulate you on your new single “Confession” which is available from today on Youtube, Spotify, Sound cloud etc.