Matilda Lindell as a solo artist.


Matilda Lindell has toured together with The Visitors and sung backup behind many Swedish artists. Now she takes a step forward as a solo artist with her own material. She released the two singles ”Never leave” and ”Fight for you”. And soon it’s time for her EP ”If You Don’t Feel This Way”. rang her to find out more...

Which musicians do you have with you on these songs?

I play the piano myself on one song or two together with most of the chorus and I have some really good friends and fantastic musicians with me, Marika Willstedt (piano) Andreas Ekstedt (drums/percussion), Mattias Fjellström (guitar), Fredrik Karnell (bass), Johanna Halvardsson (back up singer), Hanna Ekström (strings), Anna Dager (strings). Nothing is programmed, so it’s all live. Jerker Eklund and I have produced it together and he also plays the guitar on the album.

Will the two singles you released be on the EP?

Right. Then there will be another three songs.

Have you tested these five songs on an audience?

Absolutely. I have played them quite a lot during the past six months, but not much here at home so it will be exciting when I chose to. I spent a lot of the summer in New York and played quite a lot there. And then I went back in November and had gigs at a few small clubs with homey stages.

The new songs are influenced by bows?

There are some bows on another songs, the latest single is more upbeat. On the EP there will also be a lovesick ballad and a bit more naked, but there are a few pop songs as well.

Will the EP be released in physical form?

It will be sold digital but also be printed. You do want to be able to hold it physically, don’t you? I am a little old school. There will be a release gig at The Marseilles Hotel in Miami in April.

So there will be a full length in the future?

There might be another EP or a full length. It is not as common these days will a full length, but I like full albums so there might be one.

Photo: Tony Prikosovich

You have also been out and sung as Agneta Fältskog…

I tour a lot with an ABBA tribute band, The Visitors. Mostly in the US as we have a large audience over there with a lot of fans. So we are going back, year after year, which is fun, with costumes and the whole lot.

And the platform shoes too?

Off course! It shouldn’t be easy to move around on stage.

Is it possible to combine The Visitors with your solo career time wise?

Absolutely. I have time for other things as well. When you’re on tour, you’re on tour, that’s the only thing you have time for. Sometimes its three days and sometime three weeks, it’s different. We have four, five tours a year. This spring we’re going out in the middle of April on two quite long tours, I’ll be gone for a month. You get to see a lot of things and get to meet exciting people. That’s on bigger venues, not as when I do my own songs ha ha…

Where do you have most fans, in the US or in Sweden?

On my Facebook page Matilda Lindell Official I think I have more American fans. I think it’s due to me playing more in the US. I hope to capture the Swedish audience soon, since it is here I live. It would be really fun.

You also work as a song coach…

Every now and then, I have private pupils. Which is really fun but I only work with that when I have the time and at the moment I am swamped. I think it is something I can do for my entire life and it’s something I really like to do. I love voices. It is inspiring to be able to work with different individuals and to be able to lure out the best in each voice and person.

The people you educate, are they independently of which genre they work within?

I am a professional vocal educationist foremost within the popular music genre. Pop, rock, musical, songs but not classic. I have on a few occasions’ pupils with classic singing, but they don’t want to go really deep into the classic singing. If that’s the case they should go and see someone else. But I have sung some classical music.

Photo: Tove Gustafsson

You have also been an actress in the TV-show Tre kronor…

That’s a long time ago. I played Ulrika Koriander in the politics family that came into the show during its last years. I wasn’t very experienced as an actress so I learned a lot during the period.

Is that something you could use when you film music videos for example?

I believe that everything that helps to develop your personality, you will be able to use in your life. To be able to express yourself is very important within many creative occupations. To work with the expression and learn how to take a camera is something I’ve benefited from. When it comes to TV you have a better understanding of how things work. But it is something totally different to record a music video than to act in a TV-show.

But you have not closed the door on the acting?

I don’t know. I had to choose, I loved singing and chosed that education, so I went with the music. I wouldn’t say no to a part in a film though, ha ha. I really like acting! And I do that a lot in my profession, but I don’t actively seek acting work.

You have also been a backup singer to many Swedish artists…

As I freelance I do many different things, and the backup singing has been quite a large part. With different larger productions such as the Swedish Eurovision or the Christmas gala. Sometimes for big or small company gigs. I love being at the front of the stage but it is also a lot of fun standing behind a great artist and be a part of that backing.

Do you remember the first album you bought?

I think it was a greatest hits album with Aretha Franklin. In some second hand CD store. Fantastic woman, what a voice. It was probably not the first I owned; the first album was Mariah Carey’s Music Box. That was my entrance to soul. These were CD; s, my first LP was Carola Hits. would like to thank Matilda Lindell for the interview and wish her good luck as a solo artist