Eldkvarn’s Carla Jonsson is still burning for the gigs


The Swedish band Eldkvarn is on a mini tour when we catch the guitarist Carla Jonsson for an interview.

What made you start playing music to begin with?

When we used to live in the townhouse in Norrköping, we had the Olsson brothers that we played music with. We had a studio where we used to play table tennis and music. Then came the English wave and we saw a lot of other performers. Fascinated by their space and looks. The music classes at school also helped along the way. I was encouraged to sing, which I was good at. One thing lead to another, then the years just swooshed by.

What was the first LP record you bought?

It was an album with The Kinks, it’s frequently played. I got it in third grade, at the end of each school year they gave out scholarships of SEK 25 and that was the price of an album back then. Next album I bought was one with The Doors, but me and my brother got that one together, we paid SEK 12, 50 each.

Carla Jonsson

You have been in the business for a long time now, how do you feel about the development of the record sales?

I believe that the CD: s was overkill when they came. Not quite well thought out. These days everything is available online, it’s not the same sound quality. Music has become a little bit of a wear and tear. You used to have to order an album you wanted and wait for it to come. And the size gave justice to the cover pictures. A bit of a holy act, a sacrament. Naturally I use the computer myself, because it is so easy to find what you are looking for. Like the other day, I managed to search for and find four songs by Richard Strauss, I probably never would have heard them if I have had to run around town to look for them in record shops.
Record shops that doesn’t exist anymore… I still have my collection of vinyl’s but they are never played. Sometimes I do put on a CD as company to a glass of wine.


Do you believe that the though behind an album is lost, regarding to the order you record the songs and such?

Yes, even though we have had others to put them in order. Today the kids are making their own playlists and are mixing artists; usually they don’t have a clue that’s done what.

Is there any sibling rivality between the Jonsson brothers?

No. After so many years you know one another inside out. Perhaps if one wanted his own song on a record… Ha ha!

Jonsson brothers

You’re touring now but do you plan any new releases?

Well, it’s been four years since our latest but there’s nothing planned. My brother Plura might have some plans during spring, so perhaps I will play on my own. I have a lot of music in my head together with recordings to do. A world tour maybe, ha ha!

Would you write in English then?

No, no. English is too complicated. Better with one’s mother tongue, more accuracy.

You recorded three “masses” during the 21st century. Is that something you will do again?

Actually, we played at the church Annedalskyrkan in Gothenburg a few days ago. A new requiem. Titled “Ur nådens namn”. We had a few extra musicians for this event, we recorded everything with an audience but I don’t know if it will be released on an album.

How come you were playing at a church?

This time it was a suggestion from me, right before the autumns planned tour. From the beginning it was a proposition from the pastor Ringlander and Valle who’s a doctor. They’ve always like the band and after our album Limbo they felt the timing was right for a suggestion

What’s it like to play in a church?

There’s a very special acoustics. One have to turn the volume down, otherwise it sounds like a herd of elephants rushing through. At the Katarina church in Stockholm there is a strong reverberation. It sort of hangs on and there’s no need for an encore…

Does the touring feel like a job to you?

Well no, I have been working in an office and at the library, where it can be a bit of the same things every day. Not too much variation. One’s checking the watch to see when to go home. It is the other way around when out on tour, you wait and check your watch to get on stage- Feels good to get started. The down sides are the bad food and being on the roads.

What age groups do you have in your audience?

It is a large mixture, but during periods there are many younger in the audience. It happened after the TV-show “Så mycket bättre” when my brother Plura was in it. TV still has a huge impact. Then when Hellström was singing with us, he nicked a few lines… Then our cooperation with Jari Haapalainen (producer) has given us a much younger sounds as well.

Svip.se really appreciates your time and wishes the band good luck with the touring!