Richie Ramone – the legend who refuses to give up

The legend Richie Ramone was the third drummer in the band The Ramones. He’s now touring with his own band and has two solo albums to show for, Entitled and Cellophane. We had the opportunity to have us a chat when he visited Kristinehamn in Sweden. Did your musical carrier start out as a drummer? […]

Lion´s Share are back with a roar

The band Lion´s Share formed in 1987, released a vinylsingle 1988 and released their first album in 1994, following five albums up to 2009. (”Two” (1997), ”Fall From Grace” (1999), ”Entrance” (2001), ”Emotional Coma” (2007), och ”Dark Hours” (2009)). After 2011 they went quiet. Now it seems the band has woken from hibernation with Lars […]

The Virtues treats us with garage rock.

The Virtues’ new album Oh Dear was released in January. This was the bands’ sixth full length album and contains eleven tracks. They have just released the track Anyway you wanna fight it as a single and music video. The band consists of Per Bergkvist, Jesper Andersson, Per ”Flamman” Westling and Fredrik Moberg. had […]

Knogjärn delivers hard musik

Knogjärn is a band from Karlstad (Sweden) who plays brutal music. During last year they drew a lot of attention with their songs ”Fly för ditt liv” and ”Nej nu jävlar” together with several festival gigs. Now the time has come for their second album release; Marscherar & Förstör. rang Kim in the band […]

Skallbank sings Swedish for a world audience

The Swedish band Skallbank are about to make a world wide release of their first physical EP, a 7” EP with four songs in Swedish, named Grav Efter Grav. raised our eyebrows when we heard about this news and decided to have a chat with Mats Lindström in the band. Are you guys as […]

The Magnettes – a cool trio from Pajala

The Magnettes is a band from the town Pajala in northern Sweden and consists of Sanna Kalla, Rebecka Digervall and Tomas Bäcklund Thuneström. The group has had a huge success abroad, often play in England and done five tours in the US. Show cases in England, the US and in Spain amongst other places at […]