Carthagods – Tunisian heavy metal pioneers

CARTHAGODS was one of the first metal bands to emerge from Tunisia in the late 1990’s. Undoubtedly, they are the pioneers of heavy-metal scene in Tunisia. Now they have released the album The Monster in Me. To know a bit more about them we asked the drummer and founding member Aymen Ben Hamed a few […]

allusinlove – rock and love in symbiosis

The alternative rockband allusondrugs are back with a new bandname, allusinlove (all us in love) and the message is clear – rock and love in symbiosis. Keep your eyes and  ears open – its perhaps for first time, but definitely not the last time you hear about allusinlove. To find out more about the band […]

Metalomania releases new single ”Confession”

We’re sitting down with Göran Edman and Mathias Hellberg, two of the members of the Swedish hard rock band Metalomania. Within the next few days their second single ”Confession” will be available on Spotify and other streaming platforms. The band’s singer Göran Edman previously fronted for amongst others; Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Madison and Talisman […]

Atari Ferrari – more than a cool name

Sometimes you stumble over things you think sound interesting when surfing the net. A band name like Atari Ferrari got me curious. Formed originally as a one-night-only Bowie tribute band, Atari Ferrari rises from the ashes of longtime Spokane rockers, The Camaros, paired with the more introspective songwriting of Matthew Joseph Hughes. Soon they release […]

Ryan Roxie stuck on 77

Ryan Roxie who is guitarist in Alice Coopers band have realesed his own record.  But it aint the first time this rocker who lives in Sweden have done it. How the heck did you find out about that? (Laugh). Well, there’s been a fascination with the year 1977 ever since I was a little kid. […]

Richie Ramone – the legend who refuses to give up

The legend Richie Ramone was the third drummer in the band The Ramones. He’s now touring with his own band and has two solo albums to show for, Entitled and Cellophane. We had the opportunity to have us a chat when he visited Kristinehamn in Sweden. I started out as a drummer from the age […]