Nytt ifrån Love Fame Tragedy

Nu släpps ytterligare två låtar från Love Fame Tragedys kommande EP ”I Don’t Want To Play The Victim, But I’m Really Good At It” . Det är låtarna ”Backflip” och ”Brand New Brain”.

Den här gången har Matthew Murphy samarbetat med Pixies’ Joey Santiago, Alt J’s Gus Unger-Hamilton, Matt Chamberlain från Soundgarden och singer/songwritern Lauren Aquilina. Låten ”Backflip” premiärspelades i Zane Lowes populära radioshow Beats1 på Apple Music.
Matthew Murphy berättar om samarbetet:
”It’s great to have talented musicians, musicians who have their own niche. When you hear Joey [Santiago] play the guitar you can just tell it’s him and the same thing with Gus [Unger-Hamilton] with the key melodies he chooses and the distinct sound of his voice. It’s great to have artists and musicians like that playing on songs of your own because it makes them ten times cooler, at least in your own head.”
Videon till ”Backflip” är regisserad av Tyler Cunningham – en dystopisk skildring av modern dating.
Cunningham säger:
”The visual’s set in an alternate reality, where everyone is born with a digitally printed tattoo to correspond with that of their soulmate. This motel is a place where couples unite after finding one another online. However, our protagonist’s match doesn’t turn out to be who she thought he was.”

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