Rough Rockers, third time lucky…

Rough Rockers is within short releasing their third EP, and cooperated with the legendary singer Graham Bonnet on one of the songs. Naturally became curious about how and why they met and worked with him and who they are, and managed to get an interview with Peter Ljungberg in the band. Yes, in a […]

To live with a robot

Twenty senior citizens in Örebro, Sweden have been testing to live in an apartment equipped with autonomic robots – these robots make their own decisions and act independent. The robots have helped with picking up medicine; make telephone calls, order groceries and taking laundry to and from the laundry room. “One had to provoke the […]

A chip implant – would you be interested? Part 2

The days before departure to Malmö and my very own chip implant, I am filled with anticipation. On the way to the 2015 edition of Øredev developer conference, I start to wonder if it’s going to be painful. Curiosity and pain usually doesn’t go well in symbiosis and the fact that the conference is held […]

A chip implant – would you be interested?

As always is curios of innovations, we couldn’t stay away from something that just a few years ago sounded like science fiction, namely a chip implant. This will be offered to the visitors at the conference ”Øredev” in Malmö, Sweden. To find out more about this we contacted Mr. Pär Sikö, who is the […]

Martina Edoff – Scandinavia’s Queen of rock.

From talent hunting, to back up singer for several famous artists such as E-Type, Dr Alban and Ace of Base. She’s taken the step towards becoming a solo artist. Already with devoted fans, amongst others the British rock journalist Dave Ling who wrote about her debut album: ”Stirring, Confident melodies from an unashamed Swedish rock […]

Two seasoned musicians – Judith Owen & Leland Sklar

Friday October 9th, we were invited to a showcase and an interview with Judith Owen and Leland Sklar at Engelen in Stockholm Sweden. Judith with her critically acclaimed album Ebb & Flow is touring together with Leland, Russ Kunkel and Pedro Segundo. These are no musical rookies, as this is Owens’ eight album and Sklar […]