Magnum and Reds’ Cool (review)

With great joy and anticipation resorted to Örebro and Kulturhuset to see the giants Magnum live during their tight schedule in Sweden. In February they released their 19th studio album, Sacred Blood ”Divine” Lies and together with the support band Reds´Cool they filled the venue to its limit. had the opportunity to experience […]

Life with Parkinson’s – part 2 has previously written about Mikael Nordh who lives an active life with his diagnosis Parkinson’s disease. Here we continue our heart-to-heart interview about the illness, side-effects, belief in the future and Mikael’s joy of living. Here’s the continuation! I have quick-acting tablets to resolve in water which are complementary if I for example am […]

A chip implant – would you be interested? Part 5

In our long country of Sweden, most payments are made without cash involved. Most of us Suede’s use our credit cards with a chip. But what if you could make payments with your chip implant instead. Then you wouldn’t have to search your wallet in the queues at the supermarket. DigitasLBi tested this during the […]

Life with Parkinson’s – part 1

Parkinson’s disease is a disease of the nervous system which is characterised by motion problems, stiffness and clonicity. The disease was first described in 1897 in the book An Essay on the Shaking Palsy, written by the British doctor James Parkinson. The source of the disease is still not totally clear and it afflict around […]

Matilda Lindell as a solo artist.

Matilda Lindell has toured together with The Visitors and sung backup behind many Swedish artists. Now she takes a step forward as a solo artist with her own material. She released the two singles ”Never leave” and ”Fight for you”. And soon it’s time for her EP ”If You Don’t Feel This Way”. rang her […]

Magnum – Still going strong

During the 80: s they were one of the world’s greatest and most powerful bands within their genre with songs like Just Like An Arrow and On A Storyteller’s Night. The album covers are high class artwork and the sound their very own, the band Magnum started out in 1972 in Birmingham and are just […]