Scorpions – Matthias Jabs

The Scorpions are about to celebrate their 50th anniversary with the recording of a new album in Stockholm Sweden and a worldwide tour starting during spring 2015. Parts of the gigantic band are in Bromma to lay the drums for the new album that at the moment is called “Return to forever” together with their […]

svipchatt with a world class multi artist.

Most people know of the musician Anders F Rönnblom… Most people know of the musician Anders F Rönnblom, with well-known songs from the 80: s such as; “Det är inte snön som faller” and “Europa brinner”. But when I did the research on you, I realized that you are so much more. Would you please […]

Guest artist Emily Herring

On the night of Don Redmon’s release party the evening became even brighter with a guest artist from Texas, US. Miss Emily Herring played a few songs from her new album Your Mistake. All alone on a bar stool with just her acoustic guitar, she filled the whole stage. Despite her young age, she’s already […] met with Don Redmon met with Don Redmon before and during his release party of his first solo album, Walk In The Footsteps. The scene of the event was Grytgöl, a small hamlet outside of the town Finspång, Sweden. The weather was brilliant, as was Don, the band along with the crowd. It has taken about a year […]

Don Redmon – Walk in the footsteps (review)

As when you’re in the off license shop looking for a good wine for the evening, one can sometimes get into a label on the bottle. In a similar way my eyes get into the cover of Don’s CD.  A cover that speaks and goes from wistful to seeing the light at the end of […] checks Andreas “Don Redmon” Johansson’s pulse checks Andreas “Don Redmon” Johansson’s pulse. A little bit more than a week has passed since Andreas released his debut album “Walk in the footsteps”. Have you had the time to take in and digest all of this? -Yes, I believe so. I have a good feeling throughout my body and the feedback has […]